A Gift from Coast Capital gives a ‘Boost’ to Youth Mental Health with a Groundbreaking New App: BoosterBuddy

Last year, Coast Capital Savings made a $150,000 gift to the Victoria Hospitals Foundation. They wanted to support mental health specialists at Island Health to create something innovative for youth struggling with their mental health. Something completely new. For the last year, the Island Health development team collaborated with youth and families to conceive, design and test the app throughout its development.

Introducing…BoosterBuddy! A groundbreaking mobile app designed by youth to give youth to boost their mental health. BoosterBuddy is now available for download on Apple and Android mobile devices.

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One in five young people experience mental health challenges, but youth can be difficult to reach through conventional services. The free app is the first of its kind to use a gamified approach to help youth experiencing psychosis, anxiety or depression.

When donors like Coast Capital Savings make something happen that wouldn’t otherwise be possible, and it changes people’s lives for the better, it is a magical moment.

BoosterBuddy is truly an example of charitable giving at its best.

How does BoosterBuddy work?

When using the app, youth are guided by an interactive buddy in the shape of a fox, rabbit or raccoon. The buddy guides them through a series of daily quests designed to establish and maintain positive habits.

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Because of the toll early psychosis symptoms can take on their mental health, youth who experience schizophrenia and other mental health challenges can often find it difficult to monitor or adhere to their medication regime and engage in healthy behaviour that improves their quality of life.

The leading-edge helps youth with:

  • Coping skills
  • Getting started on tasks
  • Following self-care routines
  • Appointment and medication tracking
  • Daily check-ins on how they are feeling
  • Increasing real-life socialization
  • Having a crisis plan

BoosterBuddy in the Media

A BoosterBuddy promotional video

A video about BoosterBuddy by Island Health on Vimeo.

News Release:  Ground-breaking Mental Health App for Youth Launches Today – Coast Capital Savings funds “BoosterBuddy” a first of its kind initiative