Christine Bowles’ Story


I beat cancer with the help of doctors at Victoria General Hospital’s Breast Imaging Centre — twice. I’m telling my story because I know first-hand how the right diagnosis helps thousands of women like me survive cancer each year.

When I was 48 I had a routine screening mammography. I’d never felt a lump or had any symptoms but doctors saw a shadow on my mammogram and called for a second test.

Suddenly I was in the hospital and a radiologist was giving me a test with the Mammography and Stereotactic Biopsy machine.  The results confirmed cancer. I remember going into shock, thinking of my own life, and then my husband and beautiful daughters. I remember the Technologist bringing me a warm blanket and stroking my hair. This wasn’t the news I wanted, but at least I had an answer.

I underwent a successful lumpectomy and radiation and throughout I was comforted knowing doctors had found the cancer in its earliest stages. Then, two years later, the same equipment again found additional tiny tumors in both my breasts. I was devastated, but so thankful for a fast and precise diagnosis.

It was a long road of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, but today I believe I am cancer free. Goodness knows how the disease would have progressed if my doctors didn’t find it when they did. Since my recovery I’ve been able to watch both my daughters get married and welcomed my perfect new granddaughter, Izzy.

I hope they never need this equipment, but cancer is a reality. And, early diagnosis and the right treatment make all the difference. I know that this machine saved my life.

Please give now and as generously as you are able.

– Christine Bowles