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Thursday March 8, join us for Young Pianists Present: A Piano Concert in support of Youth Mental Health.


Howie Meeker's life was saved with an innovative procedure at RJH. Read his story and learn more about our Campaign for Cardiac Care.


The Mannings have made a generous pledge of $2.5 million to fund an innovative five-year research project.


Coast Capital Savings donates another $112,950 towards BoosterBuddy, Canada’s first gamified app for youth dealing with mental health challenges.

Cheryl Shares her Story

Marlowe Fraser Shares His Story

I grew up on Cape Breton Island. I was a Marine Engineer with the Navy for 21 years. After a serious injury while serving our country, I went back to school for a Master’s degree and went into public service in Victoria. I’m used to just getting things done.

I’ve […]

Spring Campaign Impact: Endoscopy Departments

Dr. Denis Petrunia is a Gastroenterologist with Island Health & the Colonoscopy Lead for the Provincial Cancer Screening Program

If you or a loved one have faced cancer, you know just how suddenly you rely on your physicians and care teams to have the best diagnostic and treatment tools. Sadly, […]


This spring, we need your help to raise funds for urgent upgrades to our hospital’s cancer care equipment.  These improvements will cost $366,000 and we cannot do it without our generous donors.

For people in our community with cancer—and many other critical illnesses—this equipment will increase their chance for survival […]

Carl Peterson Shares His Story

Fighting cancer isn’t easy. I know this firsthand because I’ve lived with it for almost three decades.

In 1988 — 28 years ago — I was diagnosed with leukemia. At the time, my prognosis wasn’t good. I was given between just one and five years to live. Obviously my family […]

Spring Campaign Impact: Our Laboratories

Dr. Brian Berry is the Division Chief, Hematopathology, Laboratory Medicine for Island Health

You may not immediately think of diagnostic lab work when you think of saving patients’ lives. But the sophisticated analysis we do each day guides almost every course of treatment throughout the hospital.

The pillar of our department is […]

Lyndsay Green’s story

What started as a beautiful day out on the boat with my husband, Hank, ended with me receiving life-saving care at Royal Jubilee Hospital.

We were coming in to our dock at the end of the day and I did what I’ve done hundreds of times: I jumped onto the […]

Steve Palen’s story

My wife, Liz, and I never spoke about it, but we both thought that I might not make it. I had been living with Hepatitis C, which attacks the liver, for more than four decades, when I was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2007. We were living in Nanaimo […]

Help our hospital detect cancer early

This spring, the Victoria Hospitals Foundation needs your help to raise funds for a new Mammography and Stereotactic Biopsy machine that helps medical teams diagnose breast cancer as quickly and accurately as possible.
This advanced new equipment costs $420,000. Together, every generous donation will add up to ensure that we have […]

Christine Bowles’ Story


I beat cancer with the help of doctors at Victoria General Hospital’s Breast Imaging Centre — twice. I’m telling my story because I know first-hand how the right diagnosis helps thousands of women like me survive cancer each year.

When I was 48 I had a routine screening mammography. I’d […]

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