Victoria Hospitals Foundation Aims to Raise $24,000 in 24 Hours on Giving Tuesday, November 30

On Giving Tuesday, November 30, the Victoria Hospitals Foundation is inviting our giving community to help raise $24,000 in 24 hours in support of a day-long initiative: It’s More Than Just a Bed. The fundraising efforts will fund hospital beds for Royal Jubilee Hospital’s Emergency Department.

A hospital bed is so much more than just a bed. It’s the magical place where newborns are brought earth-side. It’s the quiet place a doctor tells a husband he has a terminal illness. It’s the place a toddler finds bravery to get stitches. It’s the place where patients find some semblance of comfort in difficult moments. It’s the place where healing happens.

And thanks to a local Greater Victoria couple, Lynda and Murray Farmer, community donations will have double the impact. When donors give on November 30, their donations will be matched up to a total of $12,000. As long-time supporters of healthcare, the Farmers understand the importance of ensuring our hospitals are equipped to care for the more than 850,000 residents on Vancouver Island. We thank them for stepping up and helping our care teams on this Giving Tuesday.

“This is our way of giving back to the compassionate, world-leading care teams and the many programs they contribute to in our hospitals,” says Lynda and Murray Farmer. “It moves us deeply to know that despite great challenges, they continue to show up every day, caring for our families and loved ones. We applaud them.”

A hospital bed can provide comfort in the wake of some of our most important moments of our healthcare journeys, and sometimes in our lives. Often, it’s one of the most trustworthy and dependable aspects of a patient’s experience in our hospitals. It’s stable. It’s an anchored place.

“There is great power in giving. Every day, I hear firsthand from caregivers how donor-funded equipment advances their work. It changes what’s possible,” says Avery Brohman, VHF’s Executive Director. “Whether you are already a VHF donor, or you are a new friend to us, thank you for supporting our Victoria hospitals on this Giving Tuesday. We are truly grateful for your contribution to local, world-class hospital care for everyone in our community.”

Every day, patients rely on the beds in our hospitals. And their caregivers alongside them. And now, beds hold more value than ever before, as our hospitals continue to navigate unprecedented surges in patient admissions.

“Many of us in the emergency department choose this field because of the unpredictability of it. But only because there is a solid, established foundation to support us: the right expertise, the right equipment, and common acknowledgment that our work matters. Donors to the Victoria Hospitals Foundation are that solid foundation,” says Dr. Jill Kelly, Medical Lead, Emergency at Royal Jubilee Hospital.

On Giving Tuesday, you can make a difference by coming together with our giving community to help raise $24,000 in 24 hours to fund hospital beds at Royal Jubilee Hospital. Please give, because it really is so much more than just a bed. Thank you. We are deeply grateful for your support.

Please give today to have your donation matched by phone 250-519-1750 or on our website at:

The Victoria Hospitals Foundation works in partnership with Island Health to enable donations to every area of care at Royal Jubilee, Victoria General, and Gorge Road hospitals. As Island Health’s charitable partner, we raise donations for medical equipment, special projects, education, and research. Since 1989, the Victoria Hospitals Foundation has raised more than $163 million to benefit our hospitals and help provide care to 850,000 residents on Vancouver Island. Please call 250-519-1750 for more information.