A Message from Dr. Michelle Tousignant

Physician in the Royal Jubilee and Victoria General Emergency Departments

March 27, 2020

You’re not alone.

As humans, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed when so much is outside of our control. But even in these trying times, I have never been so proud of my peers and of my community.

For weeks, all healthcare teams have been working to prepare for the arrival of patients with COVID-19 to our hospitals. Those of us on the front line at Royal Jubilee and Victoria General hospitals have been involved in simulation training—on our shifts and on days off. Island Health teams are communicating new procedures and protocols moment by moment so we’re all on the same page. Hospital departments are working tirelessly to create space and redistribute resources to address all patient needs.
In Victoria, walls were literally built overnight to help us keep COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients separated, both in the ER and throughout our hospitals.

While I hope the surge of patients we’re preparing for never comes, I’m in awe of Island Health’s work to ready us for when it does.

But it takes more than just the hospitals teams. It takes a community. Thank you to those who stay inside to protect one another, to protect my work family, who can’t isolate at home. Thank you to neighbours gathering on balconies to applaud us every night at 7:00. And to those sharing messages of encouragement and support for our care teams.

My heartfelt gratitude also goes out to those directly supporting our work through the Victoria Hospitals Foundation’s Hospital Heroes of Victoria campaign. This pandemic impacts our hospitals in many ways—there is no doubt we will feel this impact for years to come. As caregivers, access to leading-edge technology makes the biggest difference in what we can do for our community. Priority medical equipment is, and will always be, a need.

Please consider supporting or renewing your support by contributing to the Victoria Hospitals Foundation’s Greatest Need Fund. I promise you—it makes all the difference.

The future is brighter when we’re in this together. Together, we’re stronger.

In good health,

Dr. Michelle Tousignant