Dr. White’s Analogy: People are like Sailboats

Support Mental Health Care in Our Hospitals

Through the $1 million Equipped to Heal campaign, you can help fund a new level of Mental Health care at Royal Jubilee Hospital: the Sub-Acute Unit.
How does this unit help? Psychiatrist Dr. Will White shares this analogy to explain:

People are like sailboats. Under normal circumstances they sail the seas, living their life, and everything’s fine.

…But when people need hospital-based mental health care, their ship has capsized or they’ve been washed up on the rocks. They’ve been battered.

The hospital is the place where people’s ships get towed in and taken out of the water. We inspect the hull, find the leaks, and make the needed repairs.

With the new Sub-Acute Unit that you can help fund, we’re able to see if our repairs hold up. We see if they can do a few laps of the harbour in calm water before letting them out to sea.

And when we are confident, we can feel good about sending them back out into open waters.

And the people can go back to living their lives.

Our hospitals help people heal. But they need your help.

Please consider supporting care providers like Dr. White by helping us raise at least $1 million for Mental Health & Substance Use services at Royal Jubilee Hospital. Your support means local patients can be cared for in-hospital before they are “set out to sea” and transition back into our community.

We need everyone’s help to reach our goal. Please give today.