It’s Giving Tuesday: Donations to the Victoria Hospitals Foundation are Matched!

Supporters, both new and loyal, can make double the impact today! Together with our local community, you can uplift our care teams and advance medical imaging.

On this Giving Tuesday (November 28), a global movement inspiring people to do good in their communities, the Victoria Hospitals Foundation (VHF) is asking you to help lift up our hospital’s care teams in a powerful way.

Gifts to VHF on November 28 will support the Imaging is Power campaign and will have double the impact! Diane and Tim Hackett, a local couple, have come forward to generously match donations up to a total of $50,000.

The $11 million campaign will see six key pieces of medical imaging equipment updated and replaced at Victoria General (VGH) and Royal Jubilee (RJH) hospitals. The two hospitals are the referral sites for advanced healthcare on Vancouver Island, where more than 500 scheduled scans are performed each day. Three MRI machines will be refurbished between the hospitals, while a new CT Scanner, SPECT/CT Scanner, and C-Arm will be purchased.

“We want to continue a domino effect of giving. A few friends of ours recently donated to the Victoria Hospitals Foundation and, coupled with our own personal healthcare experience, we knew we had to keep the train of giving moving,” says Diane and Tim Hackett. “We hope our matching gift motivates others and inspires gifts of all sizes. We want to fuel a movement of passionate giving and unite our community with a singular cause—equipping our hospitals and care teams with the tools they need to care for all of us.”

Splashes Bath & Kitchen joined the movement in support of VHF, through a CHEK News The Upside segment featuring our Giving Tuesday initiative. Their $20,000 gift was unlocked by more than 460 people who donated during the two-hour broadcast on November 8, surpassing the goal of encouraging 100 people to give.

Coastal Community Credit Union has also pledged a $10,000 gift, which has already been unlocked after more than 100 people shared the Victoria Hospitals Foundation’s Giving Tuesday reel across social media platforms.

The Foundation is also grateful to anonymous donors, who want to inspire community support. A local couple has pledged $10,000 if 300 new donors give, while another $10,000 gift from an anonymous donor will be unlocked if 20 people donate $1000 or more.

The Foundation is thankful to supporters, both new and loyal, for donating on Giving Tuesday and empowering our care teams in Victoria’s hospitals, which ultimately betters the health of our communities.

To learn more and donate, visit or call the Victoria Hospitals Foundation at 250-519-1750.