A Letter of Thanks from an HAU Patient’s Family

After receiving care in the interim HAU, the family of a local patient sent a letter of thanks to the incredible staff and caregivers. Like the Foundation, they’re grateful for the specially trained staff that support patients in the HAU.


Dear Staff of the HAU,

I am thanking you with every part of my body and soul. Thank you to everyone for your amazing professionalism and care, you have my immense gratitude.

From Candice who helped me through the technical terms and names of procedures on Aris’ first day in the HAU. To Michelle, the unit clerk who was always friendly and helpful when I called. To the night nurses who I didn’t have the pleasure to meet, but who kindly gave me updates over the phone and passed on my “sweet dream” wishes to Aris. To the day nurses, I will forever remember your patience, humour and constant attention to Aris’ needs. Kate and Michelle, it was so valuable for Aris to have your care for two days in a row. I think it really let him form a human bond in a time when he had no control.

Thank you to everyone who got him walking—no small feat. What a lot of work to manage everything—plug, unplug, wrap, tie, wheel, seal and deliver—all for a five minute cruise around the ward. Then undo it all and get him back into bed. Trust me, it was worth all your efforts. Once he knew he could walk he found his inner Aris. Lastly, Dr. Mario, thank you for your honesty when things were tough. It’s not easy to be candid, but very necessary and I am grateful.

You will all be remembered with the greatest respect and fondness. You are a wonderful team.

Most Sincerely,