We know you’re thinking about our local care teams…

A message from Avery Brohman, Executive Director:


We know you’re thinking about our local care teams… And we are too.

“Unprecedented” is a word we’re hearing more frequently these days. It’s difficult to read or listen to the news without the sense that we are facing a situation quite new to many people of our living generations. It’s impossible not to see it in the impacts on our daily lives and the routines and activities we so enjoy.

In a very short time, the world around us looks quite different. But what remains a constant is the dedication of hospital teams. Their dedication to health, to our community, to you. In the simplest but most sincere of words: our frontline caregivers and hospital staff are our heroes.

When a pandemic like COVID-19 is impacting healthcare systems, the work in hospitals can intensify greatly. Around the clock, over 6,500 staff and physicians at Royal Jubilee, Victoria General, and Gorge Road hospitals are there when we need them. They care for us through broken bones, heart attacks, and when a virus strikes. No matter the situation.

As a Foundation, know that our work remains the same: to support Island Health’s most critical needs at any given time.

We are privileged to have a relationship with you based on a shared value—that our health and the health of those in our community is a top priority. I wish to tell you that while our work always adapts to new realities, our focus on that priority never changes. Together, we can and will continue to transform healthcare on the Island.

Like us, we believe you are thinking of the Island Health professionals on the front lines. As your Foundation, we will always be here to translate that desire into action.

While our office is closed to visitors out of an abundance of caution and in support of our care teams, donors, and staff, our Foundation team remains committed as ever to serve our community. Our phones have been forwarded to our personal devices. We are checking our voicemails daily. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 250-519-1750, by email at vhf@islandhealth.ca, or on our various social media outlets. Alternatively, you can personally reach out to me: Avery.Brohman@islandhealth.ca. Our team looks forward to connecting with you.

“We are grateful” is something we say frequently—it’s impossible not to be when your work connects the generosity of your neighbours with people’s needs when they are most vulnerable. In an uncertain time, we are ever more grateful for your support.

As neighbours, we wish you continued good health. As your Foundation, we continue our efforts in pursuit of good health for us all.

To support the greatest needs in your hospitals, please follow this link.