Marlowe Fraser Shares His Story

I grew up on Cape Breton Island. I was a Marine Engineer with the Navy for 21 years. After a serious injury while serving our country, I went back to school for a Master’s degree and went into public service in Victoria. I’m used to just getting things done.

I’ve got a wife of 32 years, Nancy, three wonderful boys and a lot of great friends. We had both just retired and planned to travel.

In the fall I had a kidney stone attack and my doctor sent me to the Victoria General Hospital to be diagnosed. An hour later I was in my car when I got a call from my family doctor informing me that I had to return for a CT scan. At that moment I knew it was something more than just kidney stones.

A few days later my doctor told me I had cancer in my right kidney. It was the biggest shock of my life. I actually phoned him back and said, “Are you serious? Do you have the right guy?”

It turns out the tumour was hidden inside my kidney, not immediately detectable by doctors. Normally they would have to open you up to find and remove the tumor, but Dr. McCracken used a digital ultrasound that let him operate through a tiny incision.

The ultrasound helped him precisely locate the tumor, remove all of it, and make sure I didn’t lose my kidney.

I’m a lot closer to my family now. Every passing day means so much. I’m going to my son’s graduation soon, and my wife and I are going to travel. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. I can only imagine what I would have been facing without Dr. McCracken, the healthcare team and the ultrasound. My family and I are so lucky he was right here on the Island with this amazing equipment.

Please give generously so that others can benefit from this incredible technology.

Thank you,

Marlowe Fraser