Sponsor Profile: Media One

Media One is a proud and generous Diamond Sponsor of the Victoria Hospitals Foundation’s 29th annual Visions gala.

Vancouver Island’s most trusted full-service video production and design agency, they bring an unparalleled passion for the stories they tell.

Since 2004, Media One has delivered extraordinary media experiences that engage and excite audiences — from promotional videos to high-end commercials and documentaries. Their team of videographers, writers, animators, editors, directors, and sound engineers work together to help individuals and businesses tell their stories throughout North America.

For nine years, the team at Media One has donated their time, service, and award-winning talent to produce incredibly moving videos for the Victoria Hospitals Foundation. Without their generosity, we would not tell some of our most authentic, heartfelt Vancouver Island healthcare stories that inspire our community.

And Media One believes in saying yes when our hospitals ask for help because they’ve seen, first-hand, the impact.

“In hospitals, stories are happening every day. When you hear how our doctors, nurses, and care teams help someone, it’s easy to see yourself reflected in that — we’ve all experienced when a loved one needs the support of a hospital, and these stories are what we relate to,” says Cody Graham, Media One’s Executive Director. “The pieces of equipment we fund through an event like Visions allow us and our loved ones to be cared for.”

Because of Media One’s generosity, our community can go behind the scenes and truly see the impact they make when they donate.

“It’s easy for us to be storytellers when we work with Victoria Hospitals Foundation,” says Cody. “We’re thankful for the patients and staff who have come forward to share their stories.”

Media One’s team of creative collaborators is proud to support the Visions gala, a night of philanthropy that features three compelling short videos that remind us all why we’re there.

We at the Victoria Hospitals Foundation are grateful to Media One for their commitment and generosity — for being champions of Vancouver Island stories. Thank you.