Whether faced with shortness of breath or a severe injury, patients coming to our Emergency Departments need quality care as quickly as possible.

Royal Jubilee and Victoria General hospitals operate the busiest emergency rooms on Vancouver Island with approximately 115,000 cases requiring emergency care a year. After triage and initial treatment, about 17% of these patients were admitted for further treatment.

The Emergency Department at Royal Jubilee Hospital is a referral center for the Island for cardiac, respiratory, renal, vascular, oncology and psychiatric services. Last year alone, the hospital responded to more than 57,000 cases including 9,534 cardiac cases and 4,702 psychiatric referrals.

Victoria General Hospital’s Emergency Department treated an additional 58,000 people last year. As the pediatric trauma centre for Vancouver Island, Victoria General accommodates the special needs of our smallest patients and their families with a section of the emergency department built with specialized rooms and equipped with the latest pediatric technology. It is also the adult trauma centre for all Vancouver Island, and patients who have major accidents anywhere in the region are transferred by helicopter or ambulance for urgent care.

Our hospitals’ Emergency and Trauma Care units are there for us during times of critical need.  Because of the wide range of possible illness and injury, and the potentially life-threatening nature of every case, these units must be equipped to provide initial treatment to every one of these patients, 24 hours a day.