Hefty Win Comes with Big Hugs and Giving Back to Our Hospitals

December 13, 2019

Congratulations to Martin Schicchi, Electrical Maintenance Supervisor at Royal Jubilee Hospital, on winning Payday Lotto!

When Martin Schicchi got our call, he was at work: You might want to celebrate because you’ve won Payday Lotto.

An Electrical Maintenance Supervisor for Island Health since 1998, Martin won once before. In 2008, he won a jackpot of $1,250. This year, he won a heftier $31,837.50.

“I was in shock. My heart was racing,” says Martin. “After calling my wife, I ran right over to the Foundation.”

Martin works at Royal Jubilee Hospital, so he was a short sprint from the Victoria Hospitals Foundation’s office. Every staff member stopped what they were doing to greet and congratulate him.

“I gave every one of them a hug,” shares Martin. “Crying with joy like the big sap that I am.”

Over 6,100 Island Health employees play Payday Lotto. And give back to local hospitals while doing so. Though we license the program, other hospital foundations that support Island Health receive funds too. Players support healthcare in the region where they work.

Martin enjoyed telling his wife about the big win. “Every pay period I used to tell my wife how much the prize was and she joked that I’d have to keep working until I won,” he says. “She didn’t expect me to win, so yes, I’m still working.”

Every two weeks, one lucky staff member wins half the jackpot. The other half supports Vancouver Island hospitals. Last year, Island Health employees funded over $650,000 in critically needed equipment. And supported extraordinary care, close to home. Since 1991, Payday Lotto has raised $7.6 million. Half of this has supported equipment in our hospitals.

“I’m grateful for this big win as it will pay for a newer truck when I retire,” says Martin. “But what’s most important is the good we do through Payday Lotto. Thank you for that very much.”

Thank you, Martin and Lotto players, for making a difference in our hospitals!