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Peter and Sandra Powell’s donor story

A generous donation from Peter and Sandra Powell has been a catalyst for visionary upgrades at Royal Jubilee’s Emergency Department. Additional funding has been provided by Island Health.

Donors Peter and Sandra Powell of Victoria made a substantial gift toward the $220,000 project. The Emergency Department sees more than 60,000 patients each year but was originally designed to accommodate only 40,000. On average, 160 patients receive care each day.

“We have redesigned and repurposed an existing space to make it more efficient. Prior to the renovations the ambulatory area was cramped, with patients often experiencing a lack of privacy,” said Dr. Chris Morrow, Division Head, Emergency and Trauma Care, Geography 4 at Island Health. “We have altered the space to maximize patient flow — these improvements are a great example of intelligent design made possible by a donor’s generosity. By making these creative upgrades we have avoided a multi-million dollar renovation.”

The upgrade includes the following additions: two procedure rooms, three treatment recliners, 15 waiting area chairs, four acute care beds and a designated ambulatory medication room allowing caregivers to access medication faster without losing sightline to patients.