Give Patients a Pinpoint Diagnosis

This spring, the Victoria Hospitals Foundation aims to raise $375,000 toward the purchase of a Gamma-CT Scanner for Diagnostic Services at Royal Jubilee Hospital.

To pinpoint a tumour or find the exact location of an infection or serious bone pain, a patient could previously go through two or more medical scans. Each of these tests requires a separate appointment, and possibly some time on a wait list.

But now, the high–definition images taken with the Gamma-CT Scanner provide a real-time picture of how disease is impacting a person’s body in just one exam. This means patients receive a complete diagnosis sooner and waiting lists can be reduced.

The Gamma-CT Scanner helps doctors to:

  • Quickly pinpoint cancerous tumours
  • Diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias
  • Find the exact location of a difficult infection
  • Guide targeted pain injections for serious back and other bone pain

“This scanner is critical. It has dramatically improved our work, helping patients all across Vancouver Island have a safe and fast diagnosis.”

— Dr. Forkheim, Radiologist, Vancouver Island Health Authorityive Pa