We saw so much good in 2023—thank you.

This year, our hospitals felt your support and care in a renewed and inspiring way. Thank you from all of us at the Victoria Hospitals Foundation.

Together with our Board of Directors, we stewarded your donations from our Emerge Stronger campaign and Imaging is Power campaign. As well, we worked with you to support the areas of care in our hospitals where you have a personal desire to make a difference. Thank you for your trust, and the impact you are making on the care we rely on each and every day. To be in a position that experiences first-hand how your giving translates to advanced equipment, technology and resources for our hospitals, is equal parts humbling and rewarding—for that I am grateful.

To be in a position that experiences how giving first-hand translates to advanced equipment, technology, and resources for our hospitals, is equal parts humbling and rewarding. To work with a team so dedicated to championing philanthropy for our hospitals is something I don’t take for granted—our shared passion makes work fun and fulfilling. To experience the generosity from our community, and be the messenger inside our hospitals when impactful giving takes place is a profound position to be in. To complete a $10 million pandemic response campaign, Emerge Stronger, and be inspired to dream bigger with the launch of the $11 million Imaging is Power campaign is a true honour and testament to what our community can do. To be in the company of our caregivers, hospital staff, and leadership teams who serve our community with purpose and integrity each day only motivates me more to ensure they receive what they ask us for. To work with volunteers who give the gift of their time to help others is the purest form of servant leadership. To engage with local media that have a vested interest in keeping our hospitals strong by sharing the stories we tell, the needs we have and amplifying the voices inside our hospitals, is incredibly special. I feel privileged to experience the outcomes from philanthropy all year round, and, as I reflect at this time of year, I offer my sincere thanks.

As our fundraising campaigns elevate in response to the growing needs inside our hospitals, our wisdom and strength grow too. This year, we welcomed Joan Yates, Dave Hoy, Jagdeep Bawa, and Allan Hart to our volunteer Board of Directors, under the leadership of our Chair, Donnie Wing. We also thanked our outgoing members: Alan Winter, Jill Sing, Wendy Everson, and Rebecca Grant. Volunteering has had a considerable impact on how our mission is advanced within our Island communities too. I thank Charlotte Salomon for chairing our Visions Gala Committee, and Amy Ratcliff for chairing our Miracle on the Mountain Gala Committee. Each Committee is complete with dedicated people who have a desire to give back in an amplified way. Our administrative capacity is growing also: we now have office volunteers to help us steward and recognize the gifts we receive. What a great sense of unity on all fronts.

We are all here because we want to help our hospitals and the patients who need them. The strongest hospitals have the strongest philanthropy, and, together, we are a strong group with a strong sense of pride. Thank you for being here, and for understanding, even when it’s difficult to, that we cannot rely on government funding alone to achieve what we want. It takes hard work, a compassionate community, dedicated care teams, and servant leaders; one community united.

Together, we are doing so much for so many. Please take that with you as you reflect on 2023, and on the intentions you bring forward to 2024. I wish you happiness and health this holiday season.

Avery Brohman,
CEO, Victoria Hospitals Foundation

P.S. Working with our esteemed radiologist team on the Imaging Is Power campaign has been a true highlight of our year. We are fast approaching the $6 million milestone of the campaign—how extraordinary. Please help us reach our goal of $11 million—donations made by year-end will be matched by the GAIN Group of Companies, up to a total of $50,000!