Thank You, Adrienne’s Restaurant & Tea Garden

We recently met with Sabine Schwaiger of Adrienne’s Restaurant & Tea Garden to accept a cheque for $2,880. For the third year in a row, Adrienne’s Restaurant & Tea Garden has donated a percentage of their Afternoon High Tea sales for February and March toward Heart Health and Cancer Care at Royal Jubilee Hospital. The Victoria Hospitals Foundation would like to thank Sabine Schwaiger and Adrienne’s Restaurant & Tea Garden for their extraordinary generosity. This impressive achievement reveals what’s possible when a local business becomes a community leader. Royal Jubilee is the referral centre for cardiac care for all of Vancouver Island, and the hospital receives patients, living with cancer, from across the province. Thank you, Adrienne’s Restaurant & Tea Garden. Your gift will make a significant difference in these patients’ lives. We are so grateful for your ongoing commitment to improved patient care and all you do on our behalf.