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Caring Spirits: Cardiac Care Video

As a competitive cyclist and Iron Man Canada triathlete, Chris Marshall was shocked to be diagnosed with a leaking heart valve at age 50. Listen to this story about Dr. Karan Shetty and the incredible Cardiac teams that repair hearts at Royal Jubilee Hospital, and what it means to them when patients like Chris decide to […]

Rexall Foundation Donates $20,000

Rexall Foundation has donated $20,000 to help Vancouver Island’s tiniest patients! This generous gift will support the purchase of a new ventilator for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Victoria General Hospital. The sophisticated piece of equipment helps infants born with underdeveloped lungs, supporting their respiratory systems until the infant can breathe on their own. Every year, more than 500 babies […]

Caring Spirits: Dr. Perchinksy and the CVU

Royal Jubilee Hospital has one of the top-rated Cardiac programs in Canada, so it’s no surprise that Dr. Michael Perchinsky and the Cardiovascular Unit have received a Caring Spirit award! Our Cardiac teams perform 3-5 surgeries every day on patients from all over Vancouver Island. A former patient recently decided to honour Dr. Perchinksy with […]

Caring Spirits: Dr. Karan Shetty & Marja Mackenzie

Dr. Karan Shetty (pictured above) and Cardiac Nurse Marja Mackenzie have been nominated as Caring Spirits! These caregivers work in the Coronary Care Unit at Royal Jubilee Hospital, providing lifesaving treatment to cardiac patients who are unstable and require intensive monitoring. A former patient decided to honour Dr. Shetty and Marja with a donation through the Victoria […]

Caring Spirit: Maureen Johnson

Maureen Johnson is a Pediatric Physiotherapist with Rehab Services at Victoria General Hospital. Over ten years ago, Maureen worked with a young family to help improve their son’s physical function and quality of life. The boy has now grown into a healthy teenager, and his mother decided to honour Maureen with a Caring Spirit donation […]

Caring Spirit: Dr. Bruce Wong

Watch this touching video about one little boy’s Caring Spirit, Dr. Wong, who saved his life in a matter of minutes. [title size=”2″]HOW TO NAME A CARING SPIRIT AND SUPPORT YOUR HOSPITAL[/title] The Caring Spirit program gives grateful patients and their loved ones the opportunity to pay tribute to doctors, nurses and other hospital caregivers by making a donation […]

Caring Spirits: Intensive Care Unit

Royal Jubilee Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit treats critically ill and severely injured patients, quickly interpreting information to provide essential care that leads to the best possible patient outcomes. The ICU team was recently honoured with a Caring Spirit award! A grateful patient decided to recognize the care her husband received by donating towards a new […]

Caring Spirit: Dr. Brent Lee

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer among women in British Columbia. Dr. Brent Lee and his Breast Imaging Department at Victoria General Hospital perform more than 25,000 imaging procedures every year to help diagnose and treat breast cancer in its earliest stages. Dr. Lee was recently nominated for a Caring Spirit award by a […]