Caring Spirit: Dr. Glenn Ashmead and Dr. Giang Nguyen

Congratulations to Dr. Glenn Ashmead from General Family Practice (not shown) and Dr. Giang Nguyen from Diagnostic Radiology on receiving a Caring Spirit award! The grateful daughter of a patient made a donation in tribute to them after the doctors diagnosed her mother’s broken hip and set her on the path toward a replacement. This generous gift, designated to the Area of Greatest Need, ultimately helped to purchase a new Interventional Angiography System for Diagnostic Services.

Now up and running, the new technology will be used by Interventional Radiologists to see inside blood vessels, enabling them to perform hundreds of minimally invasive procedures, including cancer treatments, removing blood clots, and stabilizing spinal fractures. These innovative machines reduce radiation exposure by up to 60% and doctors can treat patients using advanced procedures that weren’t previously possible, such as innovative stroke treatments.

Rapid and accurate medical assessments can make all the difference to a patient’s recovery and quality of life, whether they suffer from cancer, a stroke or serious injury. Diagnostic Services provides our medical professionals the information they need to diagnose and treat patients in every area of care. Royal Jubilee and Victoria General hospitals use sophisticated diagnostic equipment to offer a full range of Medical Imaging services including angiography, ultrasound, mammography, MRIs, nuclear medicine, x-ray, bone density scans and fluoroscopy. Medical Imaging helps our medical teams care for a wide range of patients, from athletes with fractured bones to women with high-risk pregnancies.

Last year, more than 291,000 medical imaging procedures were performed, including 16,828 MRI scans and 52,654 CT scans — and every one of those procedures helped to determine the best medical care for someone in our community. Laboratory services play a major role in diagnosing and treating health conditions. Between 70% and 80% of all health care decisions are influenced by laboratory medicine results and more than 4.5 million lab tests were performed last year at our hospitals. These included enzyme levels in blood to determine whether a woman had a heart attack, blood-glucose levels of a child with diabetes, and compatibility testing on donor and recipient for a blood transfusion.

Better, faster and more reliable testing frees laboratory technicians to dedicate more time to analyze and interpret information, and gives doctors the results they need with a higher degree of accuracy. Rapid advances in diagnostic medicine help ensure hospital efficiency and the most beneficial therapies. Earlier detection and diagnosis allows patients to begin necessary treatment as soon as possible, improving their chances for recovery.

The Victoria Hospitals Foundation would like to thank the Caring Spirit donor for her generous gift, and to congratulate Dr. Glenn Ashmead and Dr. Giang Nguyen on the well-earned distinction! Service like theirs improves quality of life for patients on Vancouver Island. Please share widely. We want the entire community to hear about the incredible impact our doctors have at Victoria General and Royal Jubilee hospitals.

[title size=”2″]HOW TO NAME A CARING SPIRIT AND SUPPORT YOUR HOSPITAL[/title] The Caring Spirit program gives grateful patients and their loved ones the opportunity to pay tribute to doctors, nurses and other hospital caregivers by making a donation of any amount in their name. Please remember to tell us your Caring Spirit’s first and last name and which hospital and department they work in.

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Caregivers are so touched when they are named as Caring Spirits. They will receive recognition from their supervisors and peers, a special Caring Spirit pin and a letter of congratulations that doesn’t disclose the amount of your gift. [title size=”2″]HOW DOES YOUR DONATION HELP?[/title] Your gift will be used for priority medical equipment that improves care for other patients. Caring Spirit has funded hundreds of important pieces of medical equipment throughout Royal Jubilee and Victoria General hospitals. It’s a wonderful way to support our hospitals and recognize excellent care. Read about all our latest Caring Spirits!