This spring, we need your help to raise funds for urgent upgrades to our hospital’s cancer care equipment.  These improvements will cost $366,000 and we cannot do it without our generous donors.

For people in our community with cancer—and many other critical illnesses—this equipment will increase their chance for survival at every stage of their diagnosis and treatment.

40% of us will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetimes. And we will rely on collaboration among many hospital departments for comprehensive care. From sophisticated diagnostics right through precise surgical procedures, the right equipment dramatically improves the likelihood of a full recovery.

The equipment we need your help to fund includes:

  • Laboratory: an automated hematology system that processes blood tests more quickly and accurately. Click here to learn more
  • Endoscopy: high-resolution monitors and an electrosurgical unit for the Endoscopy Department to provide clearer video images and a more precise diagnosis of cancer locations. Click here to learn more
  • Surgery: a digital ultrasound that helps physicians precisely locate tumors and other abnormalities during surgery. Click here to learn more.

Please give generously. Our hospitals depend on donors like you to help our hospitals deliver the highest standard of care to people from all over Vancouver Island. Click below to donate now.


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