Because of the medical equipment available today, our dedicated cardiac team is able to save lives they may not have been able to save just years ago. Improvements in diagnosis, treatment and lifestyle have reduced the mortality rate from heart disease, but it is still one of the leading cause of death in Canada.

The Royal Jubilee Hospital is the referral centre for cardiac care for all of Vancouver Island. Patients from throughout the region count on the hospital for its diagnostic tools, treatment capacity, and the skill and dedication of the Heart Health team. Of the 3,450 cardiac cases a year that require hospitalization during diagnosis and treatment, approximately half are transferred from outside Greater Victoria.

Nurses and doctors selected for the Heart Health team require extensive training to work with special lifesaving drugs and equipment for fragile patients. A Clinical Teaching Unit provides a forum for caregivers with diverse expertise to share their skills and knowledge.

In the Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, patients are diagnosed with cardiovascular disease and abnormal heart rhythm, and receive vital medical interventions such as open-heart surgery, angioplasty and implanting pacemakers. After their procedures they are transferred from to the Heart Health Unit via a private overhead skywalk to our world class in-patient hospital: the Patient Care Centre. Every patient bed is equipped with vital signs monitors that allow our medical professionals to make immediate assessments right at every patient’s bedside — and wireless communication devices alert them when a patient’s vital signs change. Here patients receive state-of-the-art cardiac care and rehabilitation to regain their strength, endurance and confidence so they can embark on a new, heart-healthy life.

With an aging population and the number of people with cardiovascular disease climbing, so is the need for cardiac resources. We must ensure that we not only sustain, but advance Cardiac Care at our hospital with innovative technology and specialized training.