Sawyer’s 1st Birthday!


Thank you to one of our youngest donors, Sawyer! Sawyer donated $185 from his first birthday party. We are touched by his family’s



On August 14, our little Sawyer is celebrating his first birthday! We feel so lucky to have a healthy, happy family. We’ve never had to bring Sawyer to the hospital, and can’t imagine what that would be like.

Will you help us teach Sawyer about what it means to give, especially to people in our community who need it most?

If you would like to send your birthday wishes to Sawyer, we ask that you forgo gifts and make a donation to the Victoria Hospital Foundation’s Spring Campaign to help kids who are in intensive care at our local pediatric hospital, Victoria General.

Here’s how:

  • Click the green “Donate Now” button (and select “Sawyer’s 1st Birthday” in the dropdown menu)
  • Call 250-519-1750
  • Send a cheque  to: Victoria Hospitals Foundation, Wilson Block, 1952 Bay St. Victoria BC, V8R 1J8

We can’t wait to take a photo of Sawyer delivering his gift to the kids in hospital to show him when he’s older. We’ll make sure to show you here too!

Thank you from,

Erica & Blake, Sawyer’s Mom and Dad