TD Bank Group Supports Innovative Heart Health on Vancouver Island

A generous donation of $50,000 from TD Bank Group (TD) to Victoria Hospitals Foundation (VHF) is advancing heart health for at-risk residents throughout Vancouver Island. Funds provided through the TD Ready Commitment, the Bank’s global corporate citizenship platform, helped launch the newly-opened Vascular Risk & Prevention Clinic (VRPC) at Royal Jubilee Hospital (RJH), bringing enhanced care to high-risk cardiovascular patients.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a leading cause of death for Canadians. Those with early onset CVD have a high lifetime risk of recurring heart attacks and strokes. With nearly a quarter of Vancouver Island residents over the age of 65, the clinic is a vital and urgent need, delivering advanced cardiovascular preventative care, while helping reduce the need for acute cardiac care.

The VRPC will be integrated into Island Health’s Heart Health program as a centralized location for clinical care, offering prevention strategies, enhanced diagnostic procedures, and a variety of cardiac programs for patients experiencing various types of heart diseases.

“TD is proud to work with Victoria Hospitals Foundation, which will help develop innovative heart health practices for medical care teams to deliver better treatment for patients. Through the Vascular Risk and Prevention Clinic, funds will provide increased  care team collaboration and risk prevention education, which will help enable more equitable health care outcomes for cardiac patients  for cardiovascular patients across Vancouver Island for the years to come,” says Amy Hanen, Associate Vice President, Social Impact – Canada.

The donation from TD will support the first stage of the VRPC initiatives. Clinicians and Heart Health team members will create a learning health system clinic model and incorporate improved changes in care to better serve patients and their families who support them. The team will collaborate with other prevention clinics throughout the province and country to adopt best possible care practices for our highest risk patients.

“Island Healths Research Department is delighted to be working with VHF and the VRPC, which with the TD support, will be primed for participation in provincial and national research efforts,” says Dawn Waterhouse, Acting Director, Research & Capacity Building, Island Health.


RJH is a Heart Health Centre of Excellence and Vancouver Island’s referral centre for cardiac care. Over the past 30 years, the Heart Health program at RJH has grown into a national leader and pioneer in cardiac care.  To access this service or other cardiac services at RJH please discuss with your physician or specialist. To learn more about how VHF supports cardiac care or to donate, visit