Volunteer Week 2024

Volunteer Feature – P. Ian Wong

VHF Volunteer Ian Wong

This Volunteer Appreciation Week, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the incredible volunteers who contribute their time, skills, and compassion to the Victoria Hospitals Foundation. Their empathy, generosity, and tireless efforts inspire us and remind us of the power of community; they are an integral part of our team.

VHF volunteers have contributed a total of over 1,350 hours of service this past year, making a difference in the lives of patients, families, and healthcare workers across Vancouver Island. As one of those volunteers, Ian serves as our Board Treasurer, & Chair of the VHF Finance & Investment Committee, helping to lead and steward the Foundation and its resources as we pursue exceptional care on Vancouver Island.

In honour of Volunteer Appreciation Week, we asked Ian to share about his journey and experience as a VHF volunteer:

VHF: What inspired you to volunteer for the Victoria Hospitals Foundation?

Ian: When I was asked if I would join the Finance and Investment Committee of the Victoria Hospitals Foundation, I was shocked and thrilled at the invitation. A year later, I was invited to join the Board.

My father was a surgeon, so I grew up with a familiarity of hospitals. As a child, I would hang out at the nurse’s station waiting for him as he did his rounds. I didn’t become an MD, I’m a CPA. It only seemed natural that I would use my finance and accounting background to volunteer for the Foundation that supports the very place my father worked in.

VHF: What do our local hospitals mean to you?

Ian: As a parent of two children, my wife and I were extremely fortunate to have them delivered at VGH. The staff in the Labour and Delivery Ward were exceptional. As a middle-aged person, I have had my own experiences with the hospitals. A locked jaw resulted in jaw surgery including donor bone coming from my hip; numerous medical imaging scans to determine what I might had strained, broken, or slipped from doing almost nothing; and visiting friends and family as they received their care.

VHF: What makes you most proud as a volunteer of the Foundation?

Ian: There are many things I am proud of at the VHF: the incredible staff and volunteers at the Foundation, being involved with one of the largest fundraising foundations on the Island, and knowing the good we are doing for the community. All of this make me very grateful and proud to be part of the VHF.

VHF: What is your favourite memory of your time at the Foundation?

Ian: One of my favourite memories of my time at the Foundation is actually prior to my time at the Foundation: it was going to the Visions of Sugar Plum fundraising gala in the Eaton’s Centre some 30+ years ago with my girlfriend, now wife. It was a black-tie event, with delectable food & beverage stations and tables of silent auction items set up throughout the entire mall. It was fabulous to see so many friends and family coming together to help raise funds for the Foundation and enjoy a night out ‘in the mall’.

VHF: What do you do, outside of your role as Foundation volunteer?

Ian: I work full time for the provincial government dealing in venture capital. I also serve on a finance committee of a national association. I have very active children. My son is involved in many sports. I have volunteered and been manager for many of his teams. My daughter is a competitive dancer, and I volunteer assisting with some of her events. They both have YouTube channels and I am the videographer for many of the games and dance performances.

Responses provided by Ian Wong, April 9, 2024