Volunteer Week 2024

Volunteer Feature – Nancy Chiu

VHF Volunteer & Healthcare professional, Nancy Chiu, holding up a heart for our hospital's care teams at the Royal Jubilee Hospital.

This Volunteer Appreciation Week, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the incredible volunteers. Their unwavering dedication, exceptional skills, and boundless kindness have significantly enriched the work we do at the Victoria Hospitals Foundation. Through countless selfless contributions, VHF volunteers demonstrate a powerful testament to the profound impact individuals can have when united in a common cause.

VHF volunteers have contributed a total of over 1,350 hours of service this past year, making a difference in the lives of patients, families, and healthcare workers across Vancouver Island. As one of those volunteers, Nancy has served at a number of events supporting VHF, engaging with our community and representing the Foundation well.

In honour of Volunteer Appreciation Week, we asked Nancy to share about her journey and experience as a VHF volunteer.

VHF: What inspired you to volunteer for the Victoria Hospitals Foundation?

Nancy: I worked at all three locations the Victoria Hospitals Foundation supports (Royal Jubilee Hospital/Victoria General Hospital/Gorge Road Hospital). Now that I’m fully work-from-home in my current role (rotations development), I wanted to volunteer to engage with the public like I used in my frontline working days.

VHF: What do our local hospitals mean to you?

Nancy: Our local hospitals mean everything to me. I used to work directly on site, and hospitals in general are our lifeline. Those who don’t have health problems may take them for granted but those who use the facilities and services will understand the importance the services all hospitals provide.

VHF: What makes you most proud as a volunteer of the Foundation?

Nancy: Reaching out to the community in general and making a positive difference for the sake of healthcare.

VHF: What is your favourite memory of your time at the Foundation?

Nancy: Any community event and gala that I’m involved in [is a] favourite memory, just to be in my comfort zone having fun for a good cause.

VHF: What do you do, outside of your role as Foundation volunteer?

Nancy: I am currently a regular full-time (RFT) employee for Island Health but aside from that, I also volunteer in many other community events from other charities and foundations, with primary focus towards local healthcare and social services.

Responses provided by Nancy Chiu, March 28, 2024