2013 Fall Campaign

This fall, we are raising $4 million to fund the remaining leading-edge medical equipment for the Patient Care Centre. And remember! BC business leader Jim Pattison will match any new donation made to the Patient Care Centre up to $5 million. Every dollar you give to the Patient Care Centre will instantly become two!

Just some of the equipment the campaign will fund includes:

  • Bedside vital signs monitors that help cardiac and post-surgical patients by allowing doctors to monitor respiratory and heart rates, track vital signs overnight or intervene if vital signs change
  • Specialized telemetry systems that helps patients feel safe knowing their doctor or nurse will be alerted immediately if their  heart rate and rhythm changes
  • Wireless nurse-to-patient communications devices called Voceras that allow patients to speak to their nurse, no matter where their nurse is in the hospital
  • Smart Beds that help all our patients heal, whether they are receiving kidney care or getting the mental health treatment they need

Dr. Amy Spink knows the difference this world-class hospital makes to patients:

“As a Hospitalist, I’m a family physician who works with patients in every area of care throughout the hospital, from cardiac care, to mental health to post-op.

I see the positive changes in patients when they are admitted here. I watch as they experience the commitment and spirit of the medical teams. I see how grateful they are to have their own private room with a sofa that turns into a bed for family members to stay overnight. There are gardens for walking and windows that open, bringing in fresh air and sunlight. It’s quiet. Their anxiety eases and they begin the process of recovery in this healing environment.

You can imagine the difference in the healthcare I can deliver when my patients are rested, their families are close by, and I have the best tools possible to do my job.”      – Dr. Amy Spink

Watch former patient and community leader Mel Cooper tell his story about receiving life-saving care.

We are so close to reaching our $25 million goal to fund leading-edge equipment for the Patient Care Centre. With all of us working together, we can make the difference for the kind of hospital care available to people from Victoria, the surrounding islands, our up-Island communities and beyond.

To support the campaign, please call 250-519-1750 or donate online now.

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