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Ralph's Letter

I’m an orthopedic surgeon by trade, and though my retirement party took place eight years ago, I still occasionally scrub in to assist in our operating rooms at Royal Jubilee and Victoria General hospitals. I am a fixer – I love to make…
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Mitch's Story

When Mitch suffered a traumatic brain injury, his whole world changed. The rapid and accurate imaging and medical assessments he received in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Victoria General Hospital (VGH) were critical for his recovery and…
Dr. Greek
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Dr. Greek's Letter

YOUR NEW MRI Imagine this – an MRI scanner with twice the imaging power of its predecessors and a host of new abilities to diagnose disease, but still quieter and more comfortable for patients. The new 3 Tesla (3T) MRI at Royal Jubilee Hospital…
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Jill's Note

Life. My husband Lee made it brighter, my children made it adventurous and cheerful, my six grandchildren made it hopeful. And just like that, with no apparent reason, cancer almost took it. Life – a strong, complicated, delicate thing. I…
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Nancy's Story

Nancy’s story as a patient at our hospitals is a long one. When Nancy and her care teams reviewed the big picture of her long-term treatment plan, they saw that imaging technology like ultrasounds played a vital role in performing the delicate…
Dr. Silver
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Dr. Silver's Note

Computed Tomography (CT) is integral to modern medical diagnosis and treatment. It provides detailed visualization of all parts of the body, guides surgery and image guided therapies, and is used to monitor patients as they recover. This is…
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An Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Bishop

In support of our campaign, You Are Vital: Pediatrics, Dr. Jeffrey Bishop shares a few remarks about the important role of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Victoria General Hospital (VGH). The Unit is in critical need of new monitors…
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Mr. Didar S. (Ted) Doman Gives Back to Cardiac Short Stay Unit

We recently received an extraordinarily generous gift from Mr. Didar S. (Ted) Doman, one of British Columbia’s most highly regarded business leaders. The $800,000 donation will fund a much needed renovation to Royal Jubilee Hospital’s Cardiac…
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Patient Story: Robert and Birgit Bateman

Longstanding Salt Spring Island residents Robert and Birgit Bateman are both artists, naturalists and retired high school art teachers. By way of their charity organization, the Bateman Foundation, they aim to engage people with the beauty and…