Maple (Re)Leaf

Purchase a Maple Leaf in Support of Mental Health:

Starting on July 1, Maple (Re)Leaf begins their Canada-wide tour, “planting” steel Maple Leafs as art installations in prominent locations across the nation in support of mental health charities in Canada. You can contribute to the installation here in Victoria by purchasing a Maple Leaf today. Once the installation is complete, we encourage our community to check out the art, donate, and help us build excitement as we raise much-needed funds for mental health.

All proceeds from Maple Leaf purchases in support of the Victoria Hospitals Foundation will benefit the Equipped to Heal campaign. Equipped to Heal aims to raise at least $1 million to enhance Mental Health and Substance Use services at Royal Jubilee Hospital.

Like us all, the Maple Leaf is proudly Canadian. Made in Manitoba of die-cut steel, each Maple Leaf purchased is about 12.5 cm wide and 45 cm high and includes designer Charles Pachter’s digital signature on the bottom (see right for photo).

A $30 donation allows you to “plant” a Maple Leaf and contribute to a local art installation all while supporting mental health services right here on Vancouver Island. You can make a difference. Donate today.