Nursing Week Q&A: Molly Constantine, RN

Meet Molly, a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department at Victoria General Hospital. For Molly, a deep appreciation for healthcare runs in the family. In honour of National Nursing Week, she shares her shares her passion for nursing and her gratitude for VHF donors.

Victoria Hospitals Foundation: Why did you decide to pursue nursing?

Molly Constantine: I have 8 younger siblings and #7, Bruce, had a traumatic brain injury at age 10 from an ATV accident. Both of my parents are Family Physicians in Penticton and I always thought I would go that route but when I observed the PICU nurses at the BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver (where Bruce was taken as we lived in Penticton) I felt a calling to nursing. While studying nursing at the University of Alberta, I became a Research Assistant to an Emergency Physician and realized I loved being in Emergency.

VHF: How would you describe your role?

MC: As an Emergency nurse, my role is many-faceted. Every day I come to work not knowing where I might be placed for the day. I could be doing COVID assessments and vital signs outside, or triaging patients, or working in our Ambulatory area, or being on our Trauma Team or having an assignment of patients on cardiac monitors. Since there are so many different roles in Emergency, we have to be very flexible and always alert that our patients’ conditions can change, no matter where we encounter them.

VHF: What is your favourite part of your job?

MC: I love how chaotic it is in the Emergency Department. I love that every day the flow is completely different and I never know what to expect. I love being challenged and learning new things. I also love the people I work with; I feel that all of my colleagues are both compassionate and tough, which is what is needed in this area of the hospital.

VHF: Who or what inspires you?

MC: My parents for their long time dedication to their patients. I have seen them in action and I know that they see each person as an individual with specific needs. My mom even brought some clippers on a house call and gave her patient a haircut because he wasn’t able to get out of the house to get one.

VHF: What’s your favourite activity outside of work?

MC: Being with my husband and 2 ½ yr old son, as well as my very large family in Penticton. I also love reading and cooking new recipes.

VHF: What would you say to donors to our hospitals and people thinking about giving?

MC: Any support, whether it’s monetary or vocal, is met with gratitude by all of us in Emergency. Especially in this difficult time, to know that we’re all pulling together and helping each other, is fuel to keep us going when we’re tired and feeling downhearted. Every time we receive new equipment or space, we are so thankful.

Please consider supporting our local nurses and Victoria hospitals through our Hospitals Heroes of Victoria initiative.