Nursing Week Q&A: Corey Hollick, Registered Nurse

Meet Corey, a Registered Nurse in Royal Jubilee Hospital’s 5-North (COVID-19 unit) and the Clinical Teaching Unit (CTU). In honour of national Nursing Week, he shares his perspective from the front lines.

Victoria Hospitals Foundation: Why did you decide to pursue nursing?

Corey Hollick: I have always been drawn to healthcare in general as it is a way to connect with people and the community that I live in. I became a nurse as it gives me the ability to help others in need and with nursing making up a major population of healthcare professionals there are many different areas of healthcare that I can explore and advance my career in.

VHF: How would you describe your role?

CH: I provide bedside patient care for people who are admitted to our Clinical Teaching Unit and designated COVID-19 Unit.

VHF: What is your favourite part of your job?

CH: Everyday feels different at work and I enjoy always having new challenges and problems that need to be solved.

VHF: What do you wish people knew about being a nurse?

CH: That the role of nursing is so much more than what is perceived on TV shows and has evolved majorly over the years. Nurses are like the eyes and ears for physicians, and we are important advocates in patient care. We spend the most time with patients compared to any other healthcare provider in the hospital.

VHF: Who or what inspires you?

CH: My parents. They have always been there for me and have always given me good advice even when I don’t want to hear it.

VHF: What’s your favourite activity outside of work?

CH: Golfing or hiking—mostly things that involve being outside.

VHF: What would you say to donors to our hospitals and people thinking about giving?

CH: Any donation big or small goes a long way. By donating, healthcare teams are getting the tools we need to better serve the people in our community, which allows us to provide the best patient care.

Please consider supporting our local nurses and Victoria hospitals through our Hospitals Heroes of Victoria initiative.