Local Business Owners & Employees United in Generosity

The team at MYRA Systems, a local IT service company, made the decision to give to the Victoria Hospitals Foundation as a group in 2019. Together they’ve donated $4,583 to support our local hospitals and help transform healthcare on the Island!

As a diverse group of over 40 employees, the MYRA team is always looking to enhance their team’s culture and strengthen their bond. MYRA’s collaborative approach even shines through in their giving—the team chose to support VHF by conducting a poll. Leaders Jack and Barb Murphy were thrilled to help their team champion this initiative—employee contributions were generously matched by the CEO and CFO personally, doubling the impact for local patients and caregivers. Each employee chose how much they’d like to personally give. A portion of each paycheque was dedicated to a yearly contribution and tax receipts were mailed to each individual at the end of the year.

As IT industry professionals and members of our community, the MYRA team understands the need for advanced equipment and excellent care at our hospitals. MYRA supported the You Are Vital: Pediatrics VHF campaign in the spring of 2019 to help fund monitors for the Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Units at Victoria General Hospital. They most recently contributed to The Big Picture campaign for high-tech, high-impact imaging equipment that benefits patients from newborns to seniors.

MYRA has been family-owned-and-operated for over 35 years. Though they have offices in both Victoria and Vancouver and help clients across the province in the public and private sectors, CEO and founder Jack Murphy and his family have deep roots in Victoria. His wife Barb is the Corporate Secretary and CFO at MYRA, also joined by their son Crispin in his role as VP Service Delivery. Jack moved to Victoria from Calgary in 1967 to attend the University of Victoria with Barb where they studied computer science and mathematics.

Philanthropy and healthcare are also close to the hearts of the Murphy family. As well as donating to charitable organizations in lieu of holiday gifts, Jack has been in remission from cancer for a remarkable 16 years after a bone marrow transplant.

When asked what his message would be to fellow CEOs in our community considering a similar employee giving program, Jack shares:

“There’s no better place to spend your money than here at home. When you give locally, you fund equipment that will help your friends and loved ones. You never know when we might need it—that’s why it’s so rewarding to help patients right now and do our part to prepare for the future.”

We’re so grateful to have community partners like MYRA Systems giving back so generously and helping transform healthcare on the Island.

Interested in more information on employee giving?

Please contact us at vhf@viha.ca or 250-519-1750.