Employees from Seaspan Victoria Shipyards share their Healthcare Stories

Whether your parent is recovering from complex surgery, a friend is in a life-threatening car crash, or a neighbour is recovering from COVID-19–any of us or our loved ones could need critical care at any time. That’s why Seaspan Victoria Shipyards and the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation made an incredible $2.65 million commitment to VHF’s It’s Critical campaign, which will expand critical care capacity at Royal Jubilee Hospital by 73%.

Earlier this month, Seaspan Victoria Shipyards and the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation initiated a $500,000 donation match to inspire community giving. Your impact in our hospitals can be doubled by donating now.

This generosity has inspired the giving spirit of the Vancouver Island community, but it also motivated Seaspan’s dedicated staff to share their healthcare experiences, and an appreciation for Seaspan’s commitment to transforming healthcare.

We’re honoured to share these Seaspan employee healthcare stories with you.

Carolyn McCall

–Electrician, Seaspan Victoria Shipyards

The Royal Jubilee Hospital and their staff has recently made a big impact on me and my family. My father was told he would need an immediate heart bypass surgery, or he would run the risk of a severe heart attack. Following his surgery, my father was in cardiac intensive care and then the cardiac ward for a total of 13 days in the hospital. We knew he was in good hands from day one. The cardiac team at Royal Jubilee Hospital are a professional and outstanding team of people.

I am thrilled to hear the news of Seaspan’s contribution to the It’s Critical campaign. In the future, the new High Acuity Unit may be used for patients like my father who had complications after surgery.

We are beyond grateful for everything Royal Jubilee Hospital has done for our family. Thank you to Dr. Lynn M. Fedoruk and her team. Also, thank you to Victoria Shipyards and the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation for contributing to the future of Royal Jubilee Hospital.

Russell Williams

–Joiner, Seaspan Victoria Shipyards

At my previous company I arrived at work as any normal day, but it had been a long night with our two-week old son not sleeping. I had been awake taking turns through the night with my wife and was a little tired and lacking focus.

Shortly before lunch I was operating a large machine with a co-worker when I lost control and suffered a traumatic amputation to the ends of my left middle, ring, and baby fingers.

My coworkers rushed me to Royal Jubilee Hospital for emergency care, and I was taken straight in as a priority patient. Every bit of my care was professional and caring. The nurse stayed with me until I came out of shock.

Once X-rayed and assessed, my surgeon Dr. Jason Grey put my hand back together. His work both at the time of injury and the follow-up plastic surgery revisions put me on track to a near full recovery. I was able to start hand therapy and four months later I re-entered the workforce with a new role at Victoria Shipyards.

If it had not been for the professionalism of the staff at Royal Jubilee Hospital and the patience of the staff during hand therapy, I probably would not have had as successful a recovery as I did. My experience with the Royal Jubilee Hospital and the staff that run it has left me with a gratitude I will carry for the rest of my life.

Kay Henry

–Contract Manager, Submarines, Seaspan Victoria Shipyards

I witnessed the care, kindness, and due diligence of every member of the Royal Jubilee Hospital healthcare team. I experienced the Royal Jubilee Hospital critical care team’s caregiving of my husband Richard who spent a month in the hospital until his untimely death in 2017.

At one point, Richard had over 13 doctors on his case, each doing their very best diagnostic investigations and medical treatments. In addition to caring for Richard, these caring people also made sure that I was comfortable while at Richard’s side.

On the odd night when I couldn’t be there, the night staff would spend more time with Richard so he was not alone. Richard shared some of the philosophical conversations they had. He appreciated this extra care and felt he was treated respectfully and with dignity.

When Richard died, I experienced the additional compassion of these dedicated healthcare professionals. As well, I witnessed their tears. Real people. Real caring. Real compassion.

I am grateful to Royal Jubilee Hospital for making Richard’s last month on earth the best it could be under the circumstances. I am especially grateful for how they enabled Richard and I to be together through it all. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

As an employee, I have experienced Seaspan’s core values actualized. Seaspan’s values are now unconditionally supporting the health of the community and the Seaspan family-at-large through their generous support of critical care expansion at Royal Jubilee Hospital. This gift is a life preserver on stormy seas, and I feel very proud and grateful to be part of the Seaspan team.

Nick Foster

–Welder, Seaspan Victoria Shipyards

Many years ago, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease, cancer of the lymphatic system and received wonderful care at the Cancer Clinic at Royal Jubilee Hospital. My treatment included chemotherapy, a laparotomy which included a splenectomy, and radiation treatment. I also had several months of chemotherapy, some at the same time as I was doing my Level C welding training at Camosun College.

Medicine is an ever-evolving science with better equipment being designed all the time. Lately that has been even more important as the hospital staff have to suit up in the hallways, not just the operating rooms. The addition of a permanent High Acuity Unit at Royal Jubilee Hospital will be a huge asset to our Island community.

I’m very appreciative of Victoria Shipyards and the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation’s donation to the Victoria Hospital Foundation’s It’s Critical campaign. Their sense of community is stellar.

For A Limited Time: Double Your Impact in our Hospitals

Thank you to Seaspan Victoria Shipyards and the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation for matching $500,000 of community gifts as part of their $2.65 Million Commitment to It’s Critical