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Meet The Hospital Visionaries Caring For Our Community: Brown Bros.

November 21, 2020 marks the day the Victoria Hospitals Foundation expected to celebrate our 30th annual Visions fundraising gala. When COVID-19 changed everything, what didn’t change was our corporate sponsors’ commitment to our local hospitals. There won’t be a gala this year, not until its safe to do so and our caregivers can be there alongside us. But that hasn’t changed the commitment of generous organizations and individuals to better our hospitals a truly critical time. We’re deeply grateful for the continued support of our Hospital Visionaries.

We invite you to learn more about our Hospital Visionary – Brown Bros, and what inspires them to support our hospitals.


What is Brown Bros. connection to Victoria?
SHANNON KOWALKO: Brown Bros. Agencies has been proudly doing business in Victoria for more than 100 years. Our deep-rooted commitment to supporting community through these years, more recently under the profound leadership of Blane Fowler and his family, has always been a top priority.

Why give to our hospitals?
SK:  Firsthand hospital experiences are real. When our family or a team member’s family has dealt with sickness or loss, it hits home. We are inspired and grateful for the compassion and care shown every day by frontline workers which has been felt firsthand by our Brown Bros. family, their loved ones, friends
and neighbours. We strongly believe in giving back to local initiatives, organizations and businesses that have supported our family, clients, and staff through the years. It is the right thing to do.

What drives your giving at Brown Bros.?
SK: Our philanthropic spirit is driven by a connection to hope. Hope that becomes a lifeline that we are truly blessed to have in our community.

What do you think of our community’s response to COVID-19?
SK : Our community has shown tremendous spirit and support for our front line healthcare workers (more cowbell please)! We have tried to share this spirit by respecting social distancing and by embracing the highest standards of COVID-19 prevention protocols within our office and at all our properties. This is a horribly trying time. We honour our frontline workers every day by doing our part.

What will you miss about Visions this year?

SK We will miss the social connection that comes with the wonderful spirit of giving at Visions each year.



About Brown Bros.

Taking the guesswork out of property management since 1918, Brown Bros. is the trusted stop to find a home or the support needed to manage properties, from apartments to single family homes. Proudly managing over 6,500 residential, strata, and commercial units on the Island, Brown Bros. is dedicated to the provision of client peace of mind through genuine service and commitment.