A Caring Grandmother Gifts $1 Million to Victoria Hospitals Foundation, Wishes to Honour Care Teams’ COVID-19 Response and Support Our Local Hospitals

The team at the Victoria Hospitals Foundation (VHF) is humbled to accept a $1 million gift from a local grandmother for critical care needs at Royal Jubilee (RJH) and Victoria General (VGH) hospitals. The woman, who prefers to remain anonymous to focus attention on the inspiration for her gift, was compelled to support our community, our care teams, and our local hospitals’ COVID-19 response.

“In the past year, there have been so many dark days. But there has been light, too,” the donor notes. “I have been so impressed by our local hospital teams—they have not only kept moving ahead in these challenging times, but have kept improving the care they provide, too. I thank them, and I thank the community who came together to support our hospitals with donations and gestures of gratitude.”

In March, this caring grandmother read about the Victoria Hospitals Foundation and their It’s Critical campaign for critical care needs and a new permanent High Acuity Unit at RJH. Though the Foundation announced they exceeded their goal of $7 million in early May, the donor contacted the Foundation to make a $1 million gift in support of ongoing critical care needs at RJH and VGH.

“I have been so impressed with the Foundation’s work, and how they continually inspire donors to support our local hospitals. It felt important for me to help. My donation is a way for me to be a part of the COVID-19 response, but also to build up our hospitals for the future, for all Islanders,” adds the local woman.

The anonymous donor joins over 4,000 supporters to It’s Critical who helped operationalize eight new leading-edge critical care beds and urgently needed equipment at RJH. Donors have also helped facilitate the upcoming building of Vancouver Island’s first permanent High Acuity Unit, which provides an intermediate level of care between Acute Care units and the Intensive Care Unit. This will be a vital resource to treat patients recovering from surgery or serious medical conditions, and to manage hospitalization surges due to influenza, pandemic response, or mass casualty events.

The $1 million donation will fund further critical care priorities at both RJH and VGH, including the construction of the new permanent High Acuity Unit at RJH.

“This gift is a testament to the great generosity and compassion of the community we live in,” says Colleen Bronson, Manager of Philanthropy at the Victoria Hospitals Foundation. “The pandemic has affected everyone in our community, but there are champions who continue to lift all of us up. We are sincerely grateful to our donor for this life-changing gift.”

The grandmother hopes her action may create momentum within the community. She challenges all other grandparents on the Island to consider making a gift to the Victoria Hospitals Foundation. “Our hospitals are at the heart of our community. They help all of us. Let’s help them in return.”

Community members can make donations to the Victoria Hospitals Foundation in support of critical care or other priority needs online here or by calling 250-519-1750.

The Victoria Hospitals Foundation is expected to launch its next fundraising campaign in the coming weeks.