Caring Spirit: Dr. David Attwell

Congratulations to Dr. A. David Attwell, GP, on receiving a Caring Spirit award! A grateful patient made a donation to our hospitals in your honour in tribute to her experience in their care: “In recognition of the dedication of Dr. A. David Attwell, GP, of Victoria to his patients. All who know him are lucky indeed!” Her generosity will directly help to continue and improve patient care. Thank you.

As per the donor’s request, her donation went toward the 2016 Fall Campaign for Surgical Excellence.

Last year, more than 50,000 surgical procedures were performed at Victoria General and Royal Jubilee hospitals. About 70% of all surgeries are now performed on a daycare basis, improving efficiency and helping our patients get home as soon as possible. Our hospitals have 26 operating rooms equipped for specialized surgical procedures including cardiac, vascular, orthopedic, plastic, pediatric, trauma, urology, neurosurgery and ophthalmology. State-of-the-art equipment helps our surgical teams stay on the leading-edge of a rapidly advancing field. Surgeons are increasingly using technology such as minimally invasive surgical equipment that reduces pain and complications and helps patients to recover more swiftly.

The Victoria Hospitals Foundation would like to thank the Caring Spirit donor for her generous gift and congratulate Dr. Attwell on the well-earned distinction! Service like his immeasurably improves quality of life for patients on Vancouver Island.

[title size=”2″]HOW TO NAME A CARING SPIRIT AND SUPPORT YOUR HOSPITAL[/title] The Caring Spirit program gives grateful patients and their loved ones the opportunity to pay tribute to doctors, nurses and other hospital caregivers by making a donation of any amount in their name. Please remember to tell us your Caring Spirit’s first and last name and which hospital and department they work in.

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Caregivers are so touched when they are named as Caring Spirits. They will receive recognition from their supervisors and peers, a special Caring Spirit pin and a letter of congratulations that doesn’t disclose the amount of your gift. [title size=”2″]HOW DOES YOUR DONATION HELP?[/title] Your gift will be used for priority medical equipment that improves care for other patients. Caring Spirit has funded hundreds of important pieces of medical equipment throughout Royal Jubilee and Victoria General hospitals. It’s a wonderful way to support our hospitals and recognize excellent care. Read about all our latest Caring Spirits!